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Use Cases

UBio-Xkey can be widely used in various fields such as office, public library,
unmanned store, unmanned study cafe, shared workspace, fitness and more.


Public library

Fitness center

Shared workspace


Mobile Phone SpecificationiPhone : iOS 10.0 or later / BLE4.2 or later
Android : Android 6.0 or later / Supports NFC
Security / EncryptionAzure Key Vault / AES-128
Distance / RangeUnder 10cm (It may differ depending on smartphones)
Server PlatformOn-Premise / Cloud
Supported Device

All UBio-X Face Premium, All UBio-X Face Pro, UBio-X Face SC, UBio-X IRIS, UBio-X IRIS RF, UBio-X IRIS RF_HID, UBio-X Slim SC,

UBio-X Pro/ProLite/Pro2 SC, UBio-X Pro/ProLite/Pro2 SC_RF, UBio-X Pro/ProLite/Pro2 SC_RF_HID, AC-1200_SC

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