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Our Milestones

Foundation of Ortus Automation, laying the groundwork for future success.



Formed a strategic tie-up with the esteemed global brand VIRDI, securing exclusive distribution rights for their cutting-edge solutions in India. A pivotal moment that set the stage for transformation.


Received praise and recognition from VIRDI for achieving the Fastest Sales Growth. This accomplishment solidified Ortus Automation's dedication to providing excellent products and services that exceed customer expectations.


Earned the prestigious Secona Shield Award for the AC7000 (Face + Finger), an innovative masterpiece in the field of Access Control. This ground breaking product showcased Ortus Automation's strong commitment to innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions.


Once again, Ortus Automation's commitment to excellence was recognized with the Secona Shield Award for the Best Access Control of the year, specifically for the remarkable Ubio-X Slim. This recognition confirmed their strong dedication to delivering excellent products that consistently meet their customers' evolving needs.


Forged a strategic partnership with a global brand, Assaabloy, renowned for their premium door locking solutions. This collaboration solidified Ortus Automation's position as a provider of comprehensive and cutting-edge security solutions.


Expanded their portfolio by partnering with another global brand, IDIS, to offer advanced CCTV/Surveillance solutions. This strategic alliance further strengthened Ortus Automation's ability to provide end-to-end security solutions to their valued clientele.


Achieved a monumental milestone of installing over 10,000 VIRDI devices across India. This feat demonstrated Ortus Automation's exceptional reach and widespread impact, establishing them as a leader in the security industry.


Once again, received recognition from VIRDI, this time for achieving the Highest Contribution in International Sales. Ortus Automation's prestigious accolade exemplifies their commitment to expanding and making a significant impact on the Indian security industry.

Throughout its journey, Ortus Automation has consistently demonstrated its ability to innovate, forge strategic alliances, and deliver best products and services. With a foundation rooted in excellence, they continue to safeguard businesses & shape the landscape of the security industry with their strong determination.


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